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Sunday, March 29, 2015

So I have been meaning to create this blog for a while - now is the time. Let me explain myself:

Mountain biking is my first photojournalistic passion, as it ties in with my creative writing ability and my sporting love - but it isn't the boundary of my interests and passions.
Since mid high school I have an undying interest in the nature of human communication - from the way we drop social signals to others, to the way society as a whole works, I'm inexplicably fascinated with the mechanisms of society and social networking. Escaping from philosophy, this interest translates to the way cultures exist and operate in our contemporary world.

My intention with this blog is to document my travels and experiences - from the work I do at home to the events I cover within Australia and abroad. I intend to explore the notion of culture in context, however it might present itself to me - whilst showcasing my photography of all things: people, beauty, sports, landscapes, and nature. Join me for the ride of your life, I have much in store for you.

You might wonder where the name Jaime All Night came from - while it originated from a night well spent (and by that I mean falling asleep way too early on new years) - it truly represents me in that the thoughts never stop, and when I work, it's to completetion - day or night; or all night as the case may be.

I'm currently on the North Island of New Zealand, covering the inagural Crankworx Rotorua, the third piece of the world's largest mountain biking festival - but look out for more posts very soon. In the meantime visit my website for a taste of my photography. Attached here are a couple of my recent favourites.

A girl named Ali, she has my heart. Expect to see a bit of her - and our work together - on here!

Sunny Rotorua, from halfway up the hill I have been shooting Crankworx on the past week.

Above (3): A taste of the action from Crankworx - today is the slopestyle competition - once the rain clears.

Tegan Molloy, Junior World Champion in her first race as an Elite Woman. This image was published as a double spread in the acclaimed [R]evolution Magazine.

Thanks for reading, please follow me on here and my social medias for regular posts and updates!

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