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Saturday, April 18, 2015

Two years of freelance Mountain Bike photography and writing has taught me much about business, bikes, and one facet of photojournalism. Even more I have learned about photography - particularly the art of producing images on - but usually off - the trail, with a camera bag and big pack (of flies) looking to bite you - whilst running around spotting and capturing people on bikes.

Troy Brosnan | Rockshox Enduro Challenge | Mt Buller, VIC Australia

Danny Hart | UCI World Cup | Cairns, QLD Australia

Cairns was my first look at the world world cup level of event management and racing, and the international MTB media crowds. It was the hardest trail I've attempted to access and shoot. It's also not so easy to prepare for a tropical afternoon's rain, followed by 'the ground is mud' and you're all covered in mud. Riding conditions were: intense. 

Barspin | Crankworx | Rotorua, New Zealand

Another shoot with the 'big wigs' of MTB, Crankworx Rotorua gave me so much opportunity to shoot amazing riding and locations. Kelly McGarry's slopestyle course was a highlight for me! There are so many ways to ride a bike, and take photos of people riding bikes. 
I try to mix it up as much as my creativity allows, using lenses wide to telephoto - always choosing a shot before I aim the camera, then taking time to pick a suitable lens and test the imagined 'shot' in my head.

Josh Clark | Mondraker Australia | Cessnock, NSW Australia

Approaching earth | Lithgow, NSW

Photographing Mountain Bikes grew from a passion for riding, and writing - combining the two is the best I could ask for. It seems only logical to learn to use a camera, and I have always been interested by cameras and technology. Monocular vision makes my sight a little like a living camera, too - you might call it cheating but I call it natural advantage, ha! Either way there's no slowing down. In 2015/16 I hope to continue shooting MTB regularly, and venture into other realms of Photography. 

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