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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

I have always been very interested in Fauna. As a child, one of my favourite books was Anamalia, by Graeme Base - an imaginative look into the mind of Mr Base, who merged the industrial and natural world in ways we couldn't perceive. At around the same age, I first visited Sydney's Taronga Zoo - I remember that alien fascination in seeing all kinds of foreign species just existing - a little different to your household dog. This week I visited Mogo Zoo on the South Coast region of New South Wales; a great tribute to the animal world, which rekindled that feeling of absolute fascination and intrigue.

Today, as a photographer that is primarily interested in life and the way we all experience it, I'm able to express this feeling with photos. Armed with a single lens, I sought to capture the best of these animals in their environment in Mogo, as I see it anyway!

A Silvery Gibbon nurses her young, briefly showing me before hiding the baby with a protective embrace.

A very hungry Red Panda; almost smiling - those leaves must be good. 

In contrast to Taronga Zoo, Mogo offers a far more personal experience with many of the exhibits - giving visitors the chance to spend time hands-on with the animals, a rare experience to hang out with meerkats, red pandas and tigers, or even take the dingoes for their daily walk. While this is a bucket-list type experience, it's also a chance to support the zoo directly by contributing to the development of exhibits and enclosures. I was personally impressed by the ethical motivations of the zoo, for example their decision to hand-sedate gorillas for transport and treatment by building trust with them, rather than darting them. It's this kind of respect for the animals and fair treatment that encourages my advocacy of their work!

I really am a sucker for monkeys...

The zoo also offers photography tours and coaching with it's in-house Photographers, another chance to contribute to the growth and development of Mogo. Needless to say I will be back; a great stop to make for a couple of hours on the South Coast of NSW.

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  1. This is the bucket-list variety expertise, it is usually enable you to assist your zoo right by simply leading to your growth involving demonstrates along with enclosures. My spouse and i ended up being privately satisfied with the honorable reasons in the zoo, by way of example his or her determination for you to hand-sedate gorillas pertaining to transfer along with cure because they build have confidence in with these, in lieu of darting these people.


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