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Monday, June 01, 2015

The growth of a photographer is a difficult thing to define. I suppose this is why we allow our images to speak for us - but is this really a measure?

For me, and many I know, a day out shooting might bring a plethora of shots worth publishing, just one, or even none. This isn't only dependent on an individual's creative flow at the time of shooting - the existence of amazing images to be captured is a balance of time (therefore light), access to gear and locations, and most importantly a sense of motivation to go out and find the shot. Half-assed shooting will produce half-decent images.

Throughout the few years I have spent shooting bikes, and travelling for the love of experience - foremost for the opportunity to see new cultures and the excitement of mountain biking - I have taken maybe 100,000 images. While I still have the majority of them, in the depths of digital storage at home, I keep my fine art gallery limited to 100 pictures.

There isn't a bike in sight - but there is a story behind every shot - a moment in time captured with a vision, followed by a thought, an adjustment, and a click (sometimes 3). While these are moments I have never been paid for, they are the most important moments of my journey as a photographer - that gratifying feeling of having captured what I set out to find, more often than not a little more.

I keep this gallery limited to 100 images not only because it's a manageable number to sit back with a drink and enjoy for anyone who might stumble across my work, or a quaint showcase for you to reflect upon... I place boundaries on the gallery as it's a cultivated collection of my favourite images I was not paid to create - and therefore the most personal shots I could offer as a portfolio of my photographic self.

The images included in this post are my favourites as chosen tonight - I can't say they'd still be chosen tomorrow or the next day, but I do hope you enjoy them as much as I did taking them. If you do enjoy them, consider a print for your home or office - every image is available from a small 4x6" rendition to a huge 20x30" print. Money is not the initiative in my passion for images, but it is the enabling factor.

Thank you for reading, now view the all-important gallery by clicking here.

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