A Day in the Mountains | Mount Hay

Monday, June 15, 2015

With forecasts of rain in the week to come, yesterday was perhaps a last chance at escaping into the mountains to take photos and enjoy the fresh air. A good friend of mine and fellow photographer, Tim Shirvington was around and keen to explore a place I had been before, but not in a few years. Since my first visit to Mount Hay, I have been very fond of it, and the gigantic nature of the Grose Valley and it's surrounds. These pictures might give you some insight as to why!

Like a scene from Lord of The Rings, rocky outcrops, hills and canyons entwine themselves throughout the landscape - it's a brutal area out here with short scrub easily hiding trails once you step off the main track - too often we hear of walkers and tourists lost amongst our beautiful backyard. It's a scene that must be respected! Well supplied with snacks and water, Tim & I ventured from the carpark area of Mount Hay; 15km from Leura on an unsealed road, and up onto the mountain itself. Traversing a ridge, this was the view to the left. On a clear day Sydney City is easily visible to the right, however, hazy skies obstructed that view today.
Do you feel small? There's a good reason for that: you are.
Cliffs and boulderous rocks line the circular edge of Mount Hay, separated by dense bushlands and tall gums. Mystically, the centre summit is covered with low ferns and sparse trees, allowing some room to breathe and a tranquil escape from what can be a very windy area. A solemn but celebrational memorial for champion cyclist Grant Bennet is laid beside a large pile of rocks, presumably a hiking cairn or even just a mark of the gentle summit. After a bit of mucking around deciding which side of the mountain to approach, we decided to keep it close to the exit as the daylight would be dropping very soon.
It's easy to get caught up in the daily grind, and lose sight of what the world really is - being in a place such as this, with views like this gives a better understanding of the landscape and a glimpse at how small we really are. Little problems seem pretty miniscule in perspective, and this trip was a great head-clearer for me following a long period of injury, which kept me from my day job.
Foreground, Midground, Background - Layers.

Tim and I have been thinking about a new project, involving some choice spots in the Blue Mountains - stay tuned, I'm really excited about this one. 

And with one last look, it was time to leave - what's special about these images is not only do the depict how I view the Blue Mountains, but on a personal level I'm able to step back to that moment, in the cool air and warm sun, looking out over the majestic landscape that I'm fortunate to call my backyard. Not enough days are spent out here!

My favourite photos from this trip to Mount Hay, near Leura made it into the Fine Art gallery on my website's homepage. CLICK HERE to see them - I have recently added a range of print sizes for purchase, including frameable paper prints and free-hanging metal prints - these are so beautiful in person, I'm sure my studio will be filled with them one day!

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