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Wednesday, November 18, 2015

As a world community, bound by issues such as climate change, environmental impacts and healthy lifestyle, it can be hard to justify purchasing products or supporting causes that ignore or deny these ideas and their importance in our lives. We are all part of a growing sense of responsibility for the future of our planet, albeit too late and perhaps too little - if we are to believe what we are told - but every bit counts, right?

'Renewably made' is not a new concept. Sustainable living is a concept that has existed for decades, though perhaps seen as more of a lifestyle or trend than a necessity until now. It doesn't take much consideration to realise the impact of humanity on the planet, and social media makes it extremely hard to ignore the facts - and good, because ignorance won't fix what stands in front of us.

With this in mind, it's important that we apply this kind of thinking to our everyday life, to both big and small decisions. Let me take this to a more personal level. As a freelancing photographer and writer, my way of life is about creating a sustainable and manageable life - I'm talking about finance and stress here. I am always looking for a new opportunity to expand my business and move forward, inspired by books such as the 4 hour work week. Don't get me wrong; I still have a day job, and I don't expect to be leaving it any time soon - but the nature of freelancing relies on two or more income streams that contribute to a standard of living. But I am not going to put my name to a product that I don't believe in, nor one that isn't conscious of the world around us.

I first engaged with Apache Pine through Instagram, mainly looking for a brand to partner with and grow my interconnected profile - broadening my audience. Shortly after this, I was approached by the director of Apache Pine about taking on the responsibility of distribution, online sales and brand management of AP in Australia. Empowered by my studies in online social media, communications and photography, my mind ran wild with the possibilities - coming to the conclusion that I could pretty much build this without needing to pay a photographer for brand imagery, and I had experience in growing an audience through online social media (FB & IG). Long story short, it happened.

I never intended for this article to be a typical product review, or similar. It is a plug, but if I didn't share my work and what's happening in my business, I really wouldn't have too much to blog about, would I!? I wouldn't promote a product or brand that I don't fully believe in - the aim of this blog is to create a place that you, as my audience, can come to for trustworthy information and inspiration; a collection of topics and interests that I can reflect on and engage with YOU - based on things I know about, and topics we are both interested in. Without dragging this out, let me move on.

As a company born out of a passion for nature's beauty, Apache Pine set out to develop a brand that creates sustainably made products that reminisce with nature and give a great sense of style. Beginning with the Original, we started marketing these watches in Australia, with a great response. The Original is an everyday watch, which suits working in your suit at the office, but also shooting in the most remote places we can get to. It's a simple, elegant design with Apache Pine's signature laser etching and unique grain in the face of every watch.
Ali modelling the Ridge for me on a recent day in the mountains
Quickly the brand grew to include the Sqwatch, which is made from dark sandalwood and features the same soft, comfy leather band but gives a sense of elegance - more of a going out watch than the Original. Next came the Ridge - perhaps the most popular model in Australia, because of it's iconic mountain imagery. The Ridge features a tan-coloured band, and is my favourite way to shout out to nature with my look when I'm dressing casual. All of the watches follow the same size model, available in a 45 or 40mm face, and come packaged in a (stylishly) recyclable cardboard case. Approaching 2016, the stock count is up and we are looking forward to bringing Apache Pine to Australians, with a determined focus on value and satisfaction; to back up the sustainable lifestyle we are promoting.

Alongside reliable and enviro-conscious products, our online social presence revolves around making the most of our time and our surrounds, encouraging our audience (and ourselves!) to get out and experience the natural beauty that surrounds us as often as possible. If you're not a watch person, you'll definitely find value in our channels regardless - so please take the time to check out the website, our channels, and our products. You just might find some inspiration to get outside and see the beauty in the world around us.

If you're considering buying Apache Pine, use the discount code "RIDEFORYOURLIFE" at checkout - for reading this and following me, you deserve it! < See the range, and connect with Apache Pine Australia

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