Boys in the bush - Blake Nielsen

Monday, November 09, 2015

When the rain is threatening and you're not sure if it's worth venturing far from the cave for some tasty photo morsels, this is a good time to have a trail in the backyard. After a few sweaty summers, I'm lucky enough to call this trail my own - an area that for a long time I've had in mind as a photogenic location for shooting. Over the years I've used it for all kinds of shoots, from products to portraiture and of course mountain bikes, on this particular afternoon local shredder and international 4x racer Blake Nielsen dropped by for a casual shoot. These are the pictures that ensued.


In an area demolished by first just two years ago, the greenery is booming as regrowth, and the ferns couldn't make much nicer a background to work with.

Chief Commissaire doing the rounds - Pepper is a born trail dog. Yes, an edit is in the works with this furry shredder!

What else can be said about Blake's riding? We hope to see him at at least a few of the National Series events of this year. Less than 3 weeks 'til Rd #1, Mt Taylor VIC. Make sure you keep up to date with Blake and myself on instagram as the Australian series kicks off.

More to come in the future from our trail here, and from the man B-lake. Drop us a line and let us know what you want to see.

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