A Day in the Mountains | Empress Falls & Queen Elizabeth Lookout

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

On a misty Blue Mountains morning, Ali and I decided we'd take a trip up the hill and see some waterfalls. We decided on Empress Falls, near the Conservation Hut, in Wentworth Falls. There's a whole bunch of walks that leave from this point, of all different lengths from half-hour, to all day, we just followed our noses toward Empress.

Empress falls is an exit to Empress Canyon - a popular trip accessed by enthusiasts and guided by local tour companies. The falls themselves are majestic, a 30m cascade of water that pours down, amongst boulders and surrounded by ferns over several large steps as the water enters the Jamison Valley. Our first look at the falls is from Empress Lookout, the beginning of what is quite a descent - 1 hour return (to the falls) is fairly reasonable if you spend some time looking around.

Canyoners visible from Empress Lookout.
It's a little 'jurassic' seeing the landscape from up here.
Then leads to a set of steps, not worth counting as you will be tired by the time you reach your car to leave. Steep, and sometimes tricky steps, a combination of stair sets and carved natural steps will lead us beneath the canopy, through unique, but classic mountains bush.
I can hear water... (and see a bit here!)
The rainforest light is soft, with directional highlights, and there's so much to look at. 
Some scenes just seem to appear in front of you.
Scouting for bangers..
Sign says "Empress Falls"
(credit: Ali Stadler)
Upper Falls

Lower Falls
We said we were taking time for a product shot at the bottom,
but we were really just catching our breath.
Watch: www.apachepine.com.au
It was going to rain, so even though the National Pass continues, we left it here and headed back. 'Til next time!
A local Lyrebird, scavenging around with a few friends. He was very observant, but let me get close enough for a photo.
One of hundreds of amazing spots in the Blue Mountains, the walk to Empress Falls is just one reason to remember what is just around the corner - a healthy and constructive experience, that's completely free. All we need to do is respect it.

More information on Empress Falls: www.nationalpass.com.au/empress_falls.php

Some of the photos in this gallery, and others are available for purchase as prints, in my fine art gallery. You might find something you like in there...

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Queen Elizabeth Lokout, ft Ali. Not a bad spot to spend a moment.

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