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Saturday, March 05, 2016

First of all, obligatory I-haven't-posted-in-a-while note. But here's the update – I'm now full-time with my photo, video and brand/social work. There's been some exciting stuff on lately that I'll fill you in with, one article at a time. This one is a sweet piece of kit I decided to get a couple of weeks ago. By the way, I'm not paid to write this article, it's just for interest's sake. Here we go.

Edelkrone are an innovative company that produce specific, high-quality filmmaking gear. Sliders, skaters, mounting gear, etc etc. My first Edelkrone product is this: a slimline video slider called SliderOne, marketed as the world's most portable slider. I paid US$234 on the Edelkrone website  including postage to me in Sydney, Australia.

Straight away, it's obviously much smaller than most other sliders on the market - very slimline and flat without a head on it, and light enough to carry in your day pack unnoticeably.

SliderOne has friction adjustment and a lock knob for control of your shots, which both work well. The friction adjustment has a fine range of adjustment, but with some patience you can get the feel you're looking for quite easily. The lock works, as simple as that. Both knobs are well protected from being bumped or broken off if you were to drop the slider, which adds to the well-contained feel of the product.

I'm using a Sirui K-10X ball head for now, in time I'll buy a video head to get some more versatility from the slider, but while for now a ball head was more value to me, as it's smaller to take overseas next month - we're heading to Vietnam and Cambodia for 3 weeks, and I'll be posting about it on this blog (and instagram!). I'm also using my Canon EOS M3 for all footage in this post.
Edelkrone SliderOne with Canon EOS M3 and 50mm f/1.4 (via adaptor) on Sirui K-10X head.
So the pro's of this slider are:

  • lightweight, portable, professional solution
  • great build quality and attention to detail
  • low-profile for low angles
  • mounts to tripod (1x 3/8 thread top and bottom)
And the con's:
  • Costly ($199US + post)
  • Must sit on a flat surface unless you're using a tripod (grass/carpet can be a problem - use a book or similar)
  • limited range - it really is only JUST long enough in medium shots. 

Ultimately, this slider does exactly what you want it to do – smooth camera movement in a straight line. Generally, spending more money on camera gear equates to a tool that does it's job quicker, smoother, more efficiently or just plain better than a cheaper alternative, and that is certainly the case here. For tech-specs you can check out the SliderOne page on Edelkrone's site - you came here for my opinion, not a wiki after all!

I'm happy with the purchase, but won't know the true value of the SliderOne until this time next month when we're filming in Asia. I'm also looking forward to getting a larger slider for production work, for some more versatility in action shot scenarios. If you have any recommendations, please leave them in the comments!

Here's a clip I shot on a Saturday morning at the skate park with this product. It's only 30 seconds long, and I didn't do any grading as it's all about the moves, but you'll get the idea.

I'm going to be using Youtube a whole lot more this year so get ready for that too!

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