Video - Sustainable trails for Knapsack Reserve

Monday, March 07, 2016

The Blue Mountains, west of Sydney are a popular tourist destination for Australians and foreign visitors. With a large focus of public development in the upper mountains areas, towns like Glenbrook aren't seeing their potential as hotspots, despite more accessibility from the greater Sydney area.

The trails in and around Knapsack Reserve are used by hundreds of people every month - runners, walkers, mountain bikers and tourists -  however, the development of this area as a recreational reserve is slow, due to a lack of community involvement. Without a larger percentage of these users voicing their interest in growth of the local area, the development of trails and cycling infrastructure is slow and cumbersome. Attendance to build days, and direct contact with the council or involved bodies (email) is the most effective way riders can communicate their desire to see more trails and infrastructure in places like Knapsack Reserve. Until 2016 there was limited signage and utter confusion amongst local user groups as to the formal trail loop that exists in the reserve - now we have signage and growing infrastructure, but the project needs your support to continue.

I recently worked with Adrian and Phil from Synergy Trails, as they developed a section of beautiful trail from what existed as an eroded and unsustainable public dirt jump site. This film shows a taste of what Knapsack has to offer, along with the rehabilitation and rebirthing of the jump site into a piece of trail that represents progressive MTB riding and respect for our natural environment.

In a nutshell, this development is a prime example of Knapsack Reserve's potential to provide sustainable, active lifestyle opportunities for residents and visitors to the Blue Mountains.

Here's how YOU can get involved: 
1. Attend a build day. Show up, ready to sow the seeds of MTB in your area.
2. Speak up: For this to work we all need to unite - send an email to with our opinion on the development of sustainable trails in the Blue Mountains.
3. Share this information. Your friends, and children, and the future of Australian MTB will thank you.

Why we need more sustainable trails
  • better trails to ride
  • tourism for the local area
  • more opportunities to explore and see the natural beauty of Australia
  • a chance for children and families to get outside and be active
  • health benefits
If you're in support of more outdoor recreational infrastructure, sustainable trails and a real future for MTB in Australia, get behind the people hustling for it and make up the numbers that will make real change in your local area - the Government is a representation of you, so make sure they know what you want. Remember to direct your interest to or to me, so we can all create momentum for the growth of MTB in the Blue Mountains, and Australia.

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