Vietnam & Cambodia Pt. 2 - Ha Long Bay

Saturday, May 07, 2016

If you didn't read Pt.1 of our trip make sure you check out the Hanoi Hustle, here! However, there's no real need to read all our trip blogs in order, unless you want the full experience!

Part 2 of our G Adventures tour (full itinerary here by the way) was an overnight trip to Ha Long Bay! Contrary to the name, it wasn't really ha long way from Hanoi city, just a 1.5hr bus ride. (hah..)

I'm not a fan of buses, unless I'm in a foreign country - and lucky, because this was the first of many bus trips during our time in Indochina. These are just some of the interesting scenes we came across between Hanoi and Ha Long Bay.

Our local guide from Ha Long Bay, Mr Tuan. 

Several resorts are in the works by the tourist port of Ha Long Bay. Ha Long City (to the south) bears a larger commercial port - though there was no restriction of commercial activity in Ha Long Bay until the early 2000s, and now some 500 boats take tourists around the bay each year.

 Our vessle for the night - not too shabby.
 5 star dining on board, courtesy of the ship's resident staff. Fresh local fish and other Vietnamese cuisine for lunch and dinner (then lunch again!).

Spot the temple (and image-ruining mobile tower) in this one.

 Some of these shots are also in my Landscape gallery, see that here!

Rowboat sales-ladies are insisting and commited.
Some of our group, off to kayak through caves. 
Early morning fog, after a comfortable sleep and some Tai Chi with our local guide.
Today we'd be exploring a cave, where fisherman previously used as a source for freshwater. It was later discovered that the high calcium content of this water caused the fisherman to develop kidney stones and other ailments.

From the top of the cave is an awesome view of a single cove of Ha Long Bay. 

Next on the itinerary: Hue - City of the Kings. Visiting the ancient imperial citadel and the forbidden kingdom of Vietnam's 3rd Emperor. In the meantime, watch this:

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